Classic Deerskin Short Wrist Gloves


Classic Deerskin design, but with a short wrist. This short wrist motorcycle glove style is similar to a police short wrist. The cuff only goes to the bend in your wrist.

Features for the Classic Deerskin Short Wrist Glove
  • Handcrafted with premium white tail deerskin.
  • Heavy enough for maximum protection yet light enough to feel the grips.
  • Seams at the base of the fingers are sewn flat for extra comfort.
  • Keystone thumb double stitched around the base of the thumb for added strength and durability.
  • Perfect choice for warm weather riding.

Churchill Maverick Gloves are USA made Motorcycle Gloves

The cast of SOA wore this style on the set of Sons of Anarchy 

Custom made allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

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